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The Legacy District project is about more than building a structure, it is about cultivating opportunity, creating wealth, and sparking economic independence that ultimately enriches lives, all while respecting Bronzeville’s rich history, vibrant culture, and legacy of current and former residents. Our vision of inclusionary growth will be achieved through a firm commitment to the drivers that create equitable opportunities for equitable wealth creation: participation, mentorship, capital, and support.

The Legacy District is a catalytic project will create an ecosystem of creativity, entrepreneurship, job creation, food, art, and culture.

The vision for the Legacy District is simple, yet profound; 25 for sale condominiums (5 of them being affordable units per the City of Chicago ARO) and approximately 12,255sqft of retail on two levels. The ground-level retail space will be comprised of a fresh market-based restaurant concept and artist gallery, with an expansive exterior patio designed to both activate the streetscape and welcome the community. The second floor of the retail space provides community office space, to be utilized and managed by the YWCA Chicago; More importantly, a spacious food hall area complete with 5 individual “incubator” kitchens where aspiring culinary artists will be able to further their entrepreneurial goals at an extremely low initial cost. This concept will allow for a significant number of new F&B concept incubation and development over the lifetime of the project, creating a one-of-a-kind opportunity for the City of Chicago to truly leverage their financial resources to generate an ongoing source of wealth creation and opportunity for years to come!

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