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The Michaels/KMW/TruDelta team includes members with decades of affordable housing and community development experience and deep ties to the East Garfield Park community. We understand that a successful and transformational mixed-use development must leverage existing community-based strengths and must be responsive to community needs.

HUB32 centers around Black Culture Wellness, the belief that the unique authentic expression of Black People through their self-determined values and principles leads to the long-term health and well-being of the community, including healthy behavior. Central to our vision is the concept of local wealth building, which is embedded into all aspects of the development – from hiring locally to recruiting East Garfield Park businesses to grow their visions in the building. 

East Garfield Park needs a destination where residents can shop, get supportive services, and a place to gather. The building is designed to be a welcoming and comfortable place for its residents.

The residential component of HUB32 will offer high-quality apartments with large windows, plank flooring, designer cabinets, and solid surface countertops to individuals and families earning less than 60% of the Area Median Income. The project has been scaled to be in line with typical affordable housing developments, which function best with on-site property management and maintenance. As such, HUB32 currently consists of 63 residential apartments with a mix of 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom spaces. Some of the apartments will
include balconies or Juliet balconies for access to private outdoor space. Hallways of this double-loaded corridor building will resemble contemporary hotels, with recessed doors, pops of color, attractive signage and contemporary elevator lobbies. Sixteen parking spaces are included in the current design, which will offer approximately 25% of the resident's access to secure parking.

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