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The development partnership between POAH, KMW, and Tandem Ventures is a team with two decades of combined experience in Woodlawn. Our work has focused on housing as a catalyst for community redevelopment that has, in turn, brought in new stores, services, and employment opportunities.

Woodlawn Social is not one development; it is really multiple concepts brought together on a
single site under a single design umbrella. It’s an apartment building offering rental housing with high-end amenities. It’s new commercial uses that promise to draw new visitors and life to 63rd Street. It’s a new outdoor gathering space for residents, shoppers, and others. It’s a place for new homeowners who want to buy into a fast-improving neighborhood. It’s a showcase of how to pair thoughtful design with the latest in green building design with architecture by Koning Eizenberg and HED.

Woodlawn Social strives to be an example of what affordable housing can be. The next generation of housing in a city of social value. A platform for opportunity, a source of stability, and a building block to forge a neighborhood of choice.

Woodlawn is experiencing a renaissance and the Woodlawn Social Project will leverage that promise by pairing bold vision and design excellence to drive cultural and economic activity while accelerating long-term development along East 63rd St.

We want people to be able to live, work, and play in the local community by decentralizing city life and services and building more social gathering spaces in clustered local districts across the city. Further, creating new housing options in these districts for mixed-income levels encourages people to stay and invest in their neighborhoods. By doing so, we will create a stable, human-centric urban environment with complete neighborhoods for generations to come.

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